Dr. Dumitru (Dan) Carstea, M.S., Ph.D.

About the Author

Dr. Dumitru (Dan) Carstea, M.S., Ph.D., is an executive, manager, non-fiction writer (five books), author of over two hundred fifty scientific papers and technical reports, books and chapters in books, scientist, and engineer.  He’s a pioneer, champion, and leading contributor to the natural resources, environment, energy, and strategic planning.  He worked for forty-six years in three countries for governments, private industry, and university.  And, his voice was continuously heard in over thirty Task Forces, Work Groups, and Committees. 

He was born in free Romania, raised in a Communist Romania, and spent most of his adult life (forty-eight years) in the United States, where he immigrated in 1961.  He married Eleanor, a U.S. born citizen, in a secret wedding in 1956 after he got an approval by the President of the Romanian General Assembly.  He has four children who all contributed to the well-being of the American Society. 

He received his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees both with honors from the Oregon State University.  He held a membership in over fifteen national and international professional associations.  He is a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, Phi Kappa Phi (scholastic), and Sigma Xi (research), and is listed in about thirty National and International Reference Books and Directories. 

He was awarded many meritorious awards for his contribution to the better good.  His involvement in church, sports, communities, and travelling in over fifty countries and fifty U.S. states, totaling over 1.5 million miles is remarkable. 

His personal philosophy: work hard; believe in family, God, and country; help the less fortunate, especially those who cannot help or speak for themselves; be the best anyone can be, and do it to the best of his or her ability.  He strongly believes in equality and justice.

Over the 46 years of his professional life, Dr. Carstea worked in four major science and engineering areas: natural resources (soils and water) for 13 years; environmental science for 13 years; energy for 6 years; and strategic planning for 14 years.

Number of Publications and Technical Papers

Management and Business Development Positions

Memberships in National & International Societies

Fellowships / Awards / Honors

Biographical Listings

44 – on Natural Resources (soils and water)

71 Selected Trainings (1964-2000)

1961 – International Soil Science Society

1941-1948: Full-state fellowship during high school

1970: Dictionary of International Biography

45 – on Environment

32 Committee Memberships

1961 – American Society of Agronomy

1949-1954: Partial fellowship during undergraduate study; graduated in top 5-10% of class

1971: American Women and Men of Science (1976, 1995, 2000, 2004)

27 – on Energy

16 Professional Organization Memberships

1961 – Soil Science Society of America

1961-1966- in top 5-10% of the class

1972-1973: Personalities of the South

134+ - on Strategic Planning

17 Fellowships, Scholarships, Assistantships, Honors

1965 – Clay Minerals Society

1962-1966: Research assistantships during graduate study

1973-1974: Community Leaders and Noteworthy Americans


13 Technical Positions

1966 – Romanian Soil Science Society

1964: Sigma Xi National Honor Research Society

1975: Men of Achievement


12 Management Positions

1966 – Western Soil Science Society of America

1965: Phi Kappa Phi – National Honor Scholastic Society

1975: Marquis Who’s Who in the South and Southwest (1975-1976, 1980-1981)


34 Industries studied

1967 – Canadian Soil Science Society

1975: Pro Mundi Beneficio Medal from the Brazilian Academy of Humanities

1976: Who’s Who in Romanian Americans (1991)



13 U.S.-government agencies supported research

1968 – International Society for Study of Clays

1980: Member, New York Academy of Science

1981: Boroughs Corporation Legion of Honor


22 Soils & Water Projects

1969 – American Geophysical Union

1982: Legion of Honor – System Development Corp.

1981: Who’s Who in Technology Today


25 Environment Projects

1975 – American Association for the Advancement of Science

1988: Meritorious Award – Contribution to the preparation of the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Program, American Planning Association (APA)

1981-1982: Directory of Distinguished Americans


20 Energy projects

1976 – American chemical Society

1989: Meritorious Award – Contribution to the preparation of the New Transit District Development Plan, APA

1982: Industry Directory of Technology Consultants


15 Strategic Planning Programs

1983 – Soil and Water Conservation of America

1991: Meritorious Award – Contribution to the preparation of Area Master Plan Zoning Map of Subregion I, APA

1982-1983: International Book of Honor


25 Environment Business Proposals

1987 – National Geographic Society of America

1993: Award of Merit for the Planning Area 68 Preliminary Master Plan, APA

1983: 5000 Personalities of the World


14 Energy Business Proposals

1993 – Honorary Lifetime Membership in the Association of Former Students of Military Schools (AFELM)

1993 – Certificate of Recognition to Commitment to the Community Outreach Goal, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC)

1986: International Who’s Who of Intellectuals



1994 – American Planning Association

1994: Certificate of Technical Excellence (WSSC)

1986: International Directory of Distinguished Leadership



1994 – National Planning Association

2008: National Honor for the Wilson Bridge Construction (Potomac Crossing) serving several jurisdictions: Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia

1991: Who’s Who among Romanian Americans (1940-1990)



1994 – National Capital Planning Society

2008 – Order of the American Ambassadors Medal

2004: American Registry of Distinguished Americans





2007: Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21 st century





2007: Member of the Research Board of Advisors, American Biographical Institute (ABI)





2007: Man of the Year





2007: Magnificent, Distinguished, and Eminent Fellow of the ABI





2007: People to People Citizen Ambassador





2008: Great Minds of the 21 st Century





2008: Order of the American Ambassadors Medal





2010: Man of the Year and Hall of Fame

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